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Jules White is an International Sales Coach with over 30 years of business and sales experience.

Her ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ methodology helps passionate entrepreneurs and businesses get clarity on their ‘why’ and learn how to sell in an authentic human way that creates amazing results without the need for pushy sales techniques or any questionable tactics.

She brings great experience with her talks having won investment in the Dragons’ Den from Peter Jones for her business ‘Truly Madly Baby’ – the reason she is known as the ‘real dragon slayer!’

She is an International Inspirational Sales Speaker where she talks about ‘Putting HUMANITY back into sales’ and her TEDx talk, to 1500 people at Europe’s biggest TEDx in Brighton, focused on there being ‘no such word as can’t’. Inspiring everyone to know that you can do whatever you want to. A legacy given to her by her father who she lost in 2015.

Jules hosts a regular podcast called ‘The Human Conversation’ which is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud, and her first book was published in October 2018… Live It, Love It, Sell It, which highlights the three main areas she believes are integral to successful sales (and therefore to building a profitable business). This book draws on both her passion for selling and her love of human conversation, as well as years of experience in both corporate sales at many levels, and as an entrepreneur.

Jules’ ultimate aim is to make sure everyone falls in love with sales, because life skills are sales skills!

Speaker Intro

Today our speaker is a sales expert who’s mission is to put HUMANITY back into sales.

She is here to take us on a sales road trip to introduce us to the fact that life skills are sales skills and your USP is actually your people. Something Jules has reframed as the UHP – Unique Human Proposition®

Your results don’t come from the numbers game they come from relationships, so make your clients, clients for life not just for one transaction.

Having spent over 30 years in sales she has experienced every sales training under the sun and so created her own methodology which focuses on exactly what she has done in her successful 30 year career.

She pitched her party plan business Truly Madly Baby in Dragons’ Den and won investment from Peter Jones, and even though she didn’t do the deal she went on to build a £1 million business only to lose it all after years of hard work.

Her belief that ‘there is no such word as can’t’ saw her start again and she has now established a successful International business, created her own trade marked sales methodology, is the Amazon best selling author of Live it Love it Sell it and a TEDx speaker. Her mission is to untrain anyone who has been trained to sell.

Ladies and gentlemen…Please welcome the Dragon Slayer who is Jules White.

clients for life, not just for one transaction

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